Mon Dec 10
  • 7:00pm
  • $10 ADVANCED (RSVP) Admission to participate in the evening's events

Art Mondays - Sweet Dreams, Pangea's AfroSocial

What happens when you close your eyes at night? What types of images rush into your head? Tis the the season for sweet dreams — gorgeous emotion pictures that capture our imaginations, hopes and wishes running wild! Is it Sweet Love that you're craving for? Or what about sugar plum fairies? Maybe you crave a walk on the Dangerous side? Whatever the Night holds, we certainly hope you're rewarded with all of your favorite things! On Monday, December 10, earthSista Blvckbirdi and earthBrotha Invictus are bringing Sweet Dreams on the podium to lull you into a state of dreamy, afrosensual bliss. Styled and adorned by Ashaunti Thompson of AWANIGHTS and M.A. Davidson of Visual Vibe, the MUSES will, without doubt, inspire you. Brother ANON The Griot and earthSista PrinCessYEME host our AfroSocial as DJ BLUUE moves you with his mix. And as you partake in the evenings entertainment and creativity, we ask you to be bold and step up to the podium or stage and entertain and/or inspire the community around. Just let us know. This is an evening of creative, interactive and sensual experiences. Never be afraid to #BeTheArt.For Artists and Photographers it's an open figure drawing and photography session. Pangea's Garden provides figure models for artist and photographers to casually drop in and create. Feel free to bring your own supplies! A model is on the podium and no two artists have exactly the same view, thus their drawing or photography will reflect the perspective of the artist's unique location relative to the model. And if just in case you don't have the tools with you, there will be paper and colored pencils on select tables in the venue. Never be afraid to #MakeTheArt.*Photographers - are HIGHLY encourage to share them with the earthSistas! Photographers are also encouraged to explore the entire venue for opportunities to create fantastic images.Doors - Dinner - Drinks 7PModel hits the main block 7:30P$8 for advanced tickets | $15 at the doorFor advanced tickets go to: the afrosensual arouse, provoke and inspire you.Join our online community at Every Monday features a different curator who hand crafts a particular recurring Monday and may feature live music ensembles, poetic excursions, erotica, cos play, DJs, and other surprises. The Monday Curator Lineup:FIRST MONDAYSThe Battle of the Free Hand! A live artist competition with feedback from expert art industry judges! Art on the Wall & Figure Drawing. Plus Apache Cafe's staple figure models are back on the block - and we've found some fresh faces for 2016 from ... everywhere! Follow us on IG: @apachecafeSECOND MONDAYS You are in for an evening of sensually artistic interactive experiences designed to provoke, inspire and arouse you. Pangea's earthSistas and earthBrothas are the MUSES on the podium. LIVE, open mic performances are on the stage. Brother ANON and earthSista YEME host the night's festivities as he shares enlightened verse while DJ Bluue/s melodic mixes set the tone of Pangea's AfroSocial at Apache's Art Monday. Join our online community at Follow us on IG: @pangeasgarden  THIRD MONDAYSHeather LaShun Photography presents Art and Acoustic hosted by Sunshine Brown...Join us for a night of Art and Live Acoustic Soul. Enoch Is Real will set the mood mixing soulful sounds on the 1s and 2s in the house while DJ Bluue keeps the patio jumping...*Photo by: Heather LaShun*Model: Spoken Word Artist Queen ShebaFOURTH MONDAYSDarrien Goodman is one of our most creative art curators. He's also our lead visual artist in charge of picking and deciding on the monthly shows; he's definitely the person to meet to get your work seen by thousands of people each month, at the cafe. We will have a new beautiful model for Art Mondays Present: Figure Drawing & Photography! We got a few new things on the menu, too! Come hang out with us for a few. The figure drawing session and shoot MAY involve nude poses. Photographers, please be sure to share your best shots with the models. ::Bring your phone & we'll use your playlist for the vibe!FIFTH MONDAYSinfo coming soon!Voted best adult art show by Atlanta Magazine.Host your next art group meet-up here during Bohemian Circus. Contact us at info@apachecafe.info____________________________________Open Figure Drawing and Photography Session.Drawing Session Details:Mondays from 7:30PM to 11PM Apache Cafe provides figure models for artist and photographers to casually drop in and create without a need to pre-register or commit to a multiple week drawing class. Please remember to bring your own supplies!Flow of the night:At Apache Cafe a typical figure/life drawing session (class) the attendees sit around a model either in a semicircle or a full circle. No two students have exactly the same view, thus their drawing or photography will reflect the perspective of the artist's unique location relative to the model. The model often poses on a stand, so attendees can more easily find an unobstructed view, depending on the type of pose, furniture and/or props used.At the beginning of the figure drawing session, the model is often requested to make a series of brief poses in rapid succession. These are called gestures poses, and are typically one to three minutes each. Gesture drawing is a warm-up exercise for many artists, although some artists sketch out the gesture as the first step in every figure drawing.Since the purpose of figure drawing classes is to learn how to draw humans of all kinds, male and female models of all ages, shapes, and ethnicities are usually sought, rather than selecting only beautiful models or those with "ideal figures". The variety of models hired may be limited by the need for them to hold a pose for extended periods. Scheduled models are usually posted on our FB Calendar events page.Please join our art email list for up to date art info and last minute art event notices.____________________________________**Apache Cafe accepts art submissions on an ongoing basis. To submit work or show ideas, forward 3 - 5 jpeg images to , and also  along with medium and demensions of work. To sign up to receive the Art Monday newsletter, please select the "JOIN OUR LIST" tab above. 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